Saturday, April 8, 2017

Manna Grace... The Miracle for Today

As the Israelites wandered in the wilderness, God provided.
He provided food called manna and gave specific instructions on when to gather it and how much and what to do with it.

Every morning it would cover the ground as dew covers the grass on a dawning morning.
You were to gather enough for your family for that day only.  No more for the next day. (It rotted if you kept it over for another day.)  Except the day before the Sabbath, you were to gather for two days.  It would be enough and it would not rot.  If you did not gather more you would be disappointed that Sabbath morning for there would be no manna.  Hunger would haunt you that day.
And if you did not go out to gather, you had nothing to eat.  - Exodus 16 14-31

Manna means, What is it?

Aren't we left, at times, with that question... What is it?  How does this fit in the picture?  How will this be enough for what I need (or think I need)?

Grace is like manna, enough for today.
You cannot take some for tomorrow.

Manna tasted sweet, like honey wafers.

And, so is grace.  The after taste is sweet to the taste buds of the heart and a balm for the hurting soul.

Grace.  for this moment.
Grace.  to believe.
Strength.  to rest.
Strength.  to trust that He is enough.

I read this quote while in the middle of a struggle.  A struggle that resulted from another's decision and left me wrestling to trust the heart of my Father.  Part of me didn't want to because I did not like the circumstances and yet... I knew... that God's ways are good.  I wrestled with the urge to take care of myself.

As I read this quote, I realized there are 'miracles', good things out there... BUT I MUST GATHER.
I must take the step 'outside' to pick up the piece of manna that is mine for the day.

The piece of grace, to rest.  To choose that He is enough for me.  TODAY.
The piece of manna to believe that God has good in mind for me and not evil.
The piece of manna to pray back to God the words He has spoken... His Promises.

If I 'stay inside' and whine and pout, I will miss the 'MIRACLES' of today.  I will miss the manna that is available for me.  I will not have the grace and strength available to rise above circumstances on eagle's wing.

And so, with tears, I took a faltering step outside... to 'pick up' my piece of manna...

The beauty of the manna of grace, is that it doesn't evaporate like the manna did for the children of Israel.  God offers His grace the moment we TURN TO HIM, and repent, asking for His strength to enable us.

What are you wrestling with today??
What is it that has you wanting to take care of yourself??

I invite you to come...
To our Heavenly Father who offers us the manna of grace and strength.  The grace to believe and the strength to trust.

And... maybe, you even need to share your struggle/wrestlings with a friend or mentor.  For a burden shared, is a burden found lighter.

May you know His grace and Presence, deep in your heart today.
May you find that He is enough, while wrestling with the hard things.
Most of all, may you know that YOU ARE LOVED.  By YOUR Heavenly Father, and may that enable you to rest.

Love to each of you...

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